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DAY 25: My Day In Great Detail

Didn’t hear my alarm go off at 8:15. Woke up at 9:10. Realized it wasn’t worth it to rush through my morning routine to get to class, so kept sleeping until 9:45. Showered (aahhh refreshing). Ate my usual cereal breakfast. Got to class at 11. Turned in homework. Sat down, and then realized that I forgot to take my morning dose of coffee before I left. Thus, I proceeded to pass out for the entirety of the class. Went home. Finished latest episode of Big Bang Theory (not as funny as the latest episode of HIMYM). Napped (aahhh refreshing). Ate a burrito from Goody’s while catching up with FMA. Studied physics with Vivian at PC. Tried the new Whiplash burger at BK (not very good). Went to physics class. Then went to Warren to rot in the CSE basement from 8:30-11. And now I’m going to finish studying for my physics quiz which is tomorrow. Working my ass off, all in anticipation for the end of the week…SUN GOD.