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So i definitely have not been using tumblr for the longest time. But I felt that this was something definitely worth posting.

Don’t know if any of you picked up on this in the news. It was posted on The site collects a bunch of classified videos and documents for the public to see. This leaked video shows an apache helicopter gunning down people in the streets of Iraq for the sake of protecting a US convoy, I believe. Watch the video for the all the details.

Is stuff like this justified? I mean, civilian casualties are inevitable in war, but I don’t think those children had to get mixed up in this incident. Also, this video doesn’t show the entire clip ( this guy is kind of radical so don’t just immediately start believing everything he says, but he has most of the video uncut) but the soldiers are laughing and joking while they’re doing this. I start to wonder how justified was the invasion of Iraq?

And then going further into this topic, there arises conspiracy theories saying that invading Iraq to get rid of WMD was just an excuse . And then beyond that, let’s just say that all these conspiracies were true. Is it possible to establish and maintain a just government? Is government literally a necessary evil? 

Hmmmm stuff like this makes me think that I should start paying attention to all this stuff 0.o but being an ignorant teenager and playing SC2 all day sounds like so much fun T_T,_5_Apr_2010 - Here is a written description of the entire video.